Random things keeping my toddler busy while social distancing

If you are at home with young kids, you may feel like you have exhausted your list of ideas to keep them busy at home. The mere thought of them not having anything to do for the unforeseeable future is anxiety inducing in itself.

You may have also found that the most unexpected things keep them going for the longest time! My daughter could pick lint out from between her toes for hours. Apart from strange 3-year-old hygiene, here is a compilation of a few of our unexpected busy makers that will hopefully inspire you to think outside the box.

  1. Teach them to set the table

Have them carry one or two things to the table at a time and set a plate and cutlery at each seat. This helped us teach our daughter left and right, plus she gained confidence when we trusted her with the responsibility of carrying a glass plate from the kitchen to the table.

  1. Clean out toys

Old toys are never more interesting than when you are trying to put them away. Make yourself a donation pile. Reorganize that play kitchen. Sort the puzzle pieces that got mixed together. Have them sort the cars in one bin and the animals in another.

  1. Popsicle bath

An old favorite at our house! Someone once told me “just add water” and you can fix a bad day or a bad mood. It’s so true! The bath has got us through some tough evenings, but who ever said it has to be before bedtime! Fill up the tub any time of day and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a messy treat like a popsicle. I am forever indebted to @bustoddler on instagram for this gem.

  1. Blow up a balloon

All it takes is one! My kiddo will chase a balloon around the house for days. Play “don’t touch the ground” or keep away. A balloon is a great way to learn how to play catch.

  1. Help with chores

Cleaning the house with kids around is like trying to brush your teeth and eat Oreos at the same time. Kids like to copy Mom and Dad. Get them involved by handing over the vacuum or spray and wipe the cupboards. They will feel a sense of responsibility and you have one less thing on your to-do list!

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