Our Programs

In our program plan and daily routine we incorporate:

 Social Interaction:

Including opportunities for large and small group interaction helping to develop different types of play styles.

 Physical Activity:

Allowing sufficient space, equipment, time to do various large motor activities (soccer, skipping, out door play area etc) and small motor abilities (puzzels, clay, play foam, drawing etc).

 Intellectual and creative activities:

Children are unique learners and our center staff will use a Reggio inspired approach in which to help the natural development of the children in care.

Helping children develop confidence in “self” by offering opportunities to test and stimulate their abilities in a positive and non – threatening Reggio inspired learning environment.

 We also encourage the benefits of proper hygiene, hydration, nutrition, emotional and physical wellness through program planning and our daily practices.

Allowing children the ability to own their feelings, while helping them to understand and resolve positive and negative feelings. Allowing children the opportunities understand the feeling of others around them with guidance from staff.

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