October 2016

Owners: Sathiya ,Vinay and Laxmi

Director: Stephanie

Infant Room: Evelyn

Toddler/Preschool Room: Ixel and Alina

Out of School Care: Mackinnley

Support Staff: Ana, Aimee, Esther

Important dates:

  • Oct 10 Thanksgiving BHCC closed
  • Oct 20 Birthday Day Celebration
  • Oct 21 Virginia Park PD Day/PJ Day
  • Oct 28 Diwali Celebration
  • Oct 31 Halloween/Fall party

We are looking for donations of the following items:

  • Adult size shirt
  • Bed sheets and blankets (for building forts)
  • Grocery store bags, Old towels (larger size)
  • Empty hair product bottles and hair appliances and accessories, keyboard, phones (for our hairdressing prop box)

Hello Families!

Wow the first month went by fast! Thank you for all your patience while we worked through the bugs of being a new center! We are loving getting to know you and your children!

Please remember your children need an extra set clothing, indoor shoes and a blanket if they nap!

Christmas Closure! We will be closed from Dec 26- Jan 2nd inclusively. We will reopen On Jan 3rd at 7 am. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Infant Room: In the infant room we have been busy settling into our routines. Evelyn has kept us busy and taken us out for walks to enjoy the beautiful September we had!

Toddler/Preschool Room: Ixel and Alina have been spending time outdoors. They have been making butterflies and ladybugs and insects. The children have been interested in insects, the leaves all over the ground and hairdressing!
Kinder Group: In the Kinder group we have been painting leaves, and rocks, and making art. We are also loving playing games!

OSC Group: In the OSC we have playing with tech decks, Barbie’s, building and practicing our basketball skills

PJ, Plush and Movie Day! On October 21 we will have a PJ and movie day! Children are welcome to wear their pj’s and bring a stuffed animal to cuddle with. We will watch a movie, enjoy a special snack. Toddlers and Preschoolers will also have a teddy bear picnic!

Diwali Celebration! On Oct 28 we will celebrate Diwali (festival of lights). We will decorate and learn an Indian Dance. As well we will sample some Indian sweets!

Halloween/Fall Party! We will have a Halloween/Fall party on Oct 31. Children are welcome to wear their costumes. We ask that any violent accessories (swords, guns etc. not be brought to the center). We will have a haunted house/carnival set up upstairs. We will be taking donations for the food bank as admission for the haunted house. We will also have non Halloween activities for those families who do not wish for their child to participate in the Halloween activities.

If you have any traditions /celebrations, you would like to share with us we would love to incorporate it into our planning! As well if you want to join us for our special events you are more than welcome!